Sunday, 7 August 2011

This isn't a Story Because it's Only Just Begun

This is being built over the next week. ADTR inspired at the moment. Just a working title.

Here's another fallen patient,
Caught up between her expectations,
Never thought it would be the way back,
Never thought it would be the way back home.

How about another dream,
Crashing through the reality,
Of everything she thought she'd be,
Or writing love with tragedies.
I want to take you home to place these lips,
Upon the wood of a broken pirate ship,
So we can rebuild something unforgettable.
It's something you don't know.

Falling apart;
Coming together again,
And all we know is that there can be no end,
We're just sitting in the sea by the side of our lives.
Drowning one at a time.

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