Saturday, 29 January 2011

God, Save Our Queen

When I was really, really bored.
I'm not unpatriotic or anarchist or anything
I was just bored.

God, Save Our Queen

God, save our gracious Queen,
Long live her sins and fires but whilst we dream,
Oh God save the Queen.
Send her angels with warnings notorious,
Coffins golden and glorious,
No longer to reign over us,
God, save the Queen.
Oh Lord God your anger arise,
Scatter our enemies with your weapons of choice,
And make them fall.
Damn them to Hell with their nuclear bombs and tricks,
Override their fractured politics,
Her black heart; on you our hopes we fix,
God, save the Queen.

Not in this vacant blackened land alone,
But be our vicious mercies known,
From wasteland to shore.
Lord, make the fallout nations see,
That men should let atoms be,
And form one union of prosperity,
Over every town and every street.
From every blazing, liberal foe,
From the sniper’s 60cm blow,
God, save the Queen.
He’ll shoot over the blackened heart she will extend,
For Britain’s sake you must defend,
Our mother’s lost heart and soul and friend,
God, save the Queen.

Our choicest nuclear Soviet gifts in store,
Her stolen heart would be pleased to pour,
Too long may she reign.
May she be defended by any law,
And ever make us fear and cause us,
To sing with fear and guilt and voice,
God, save the Queen.